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Sewage Cleanup Services

Radical Restoration addresses the critical issue of sewage backup—marked by overflows, bad smells, and contamination—with swift action to mitigate health and property risks.

About the Sewage Cleanup Service

Sewage backup is one of the most daunting problems a property owner can face, characterized by overflowing toilets, foul odors from drains, and the emergence of contaminated water from various outlets. This issue not only poses significant risks to the integrity of your property but also to the health of its occupants by potentially introducing harmful viruses and bacteria into your living space. 

Causes of sewage backup range from blockages in the main sewage line due to foreign objects, tree roots, or flooding to simpler culprits like accumulated food particles and hair. Recognizing signs like slow drainage, unpleasant smells, or gurgling noises from drains is crucial for early intervention.

Why Trust Radical Restoration for Sewage Cleanup?

  • Licensed Professionals: Our team comprises skilled plumbers using state-of-the-art equipment for effective blockage removal and system restoration.
  • Experienced and Certified: With 15 years in the field, our certified experts bring invaluable experience and knowledge to every project.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Utilizing plant-based disinfectants, we prioritize your safety and environmental well-being during the cleanup process.
  • Full-Service Solution: From inspection to the final walkthrough, we handle every aspect of sewage cleanup, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive approach.

Our Sewage Cleanup Process

1. Inspection: 

Our technicians conduct a detailed assessment of the impacted area to identify the extent and source of the sewage backup.

2. Establishing a Cleanup Plan: 

Utilizing findings from the inspection, our team devises a strategic approach for effective sewage mitigation and cleanup.

3. Water Extraction: 

Specialized equipment is deployed to remove any standing water, crucial for preventing further damage and contamination.

4. Comprehensive Cleanup:

We meticulously clean the affected zone to eliminate all residues and contaminants, safeguarding against health hazards.

5. Drying and Dehumidification: 

The area is thoroughly dried out to prevent mold growth and halt the spread of viruses, ensuring a safe environment.

6. Testing: 

Post-cleanup, we collect samples for testing to ascertain the elimination of hazardous contamination, guaranteeing your area is safe for occupancy.

7. Preventative Guidance:

A final walkthrough is performed to provide insights and advice on avoiding future sewage backup incidents.

Sewage backup is more than just an inconvenience; it’s a significant risk to both property and health, including potential water contamination and structural damage. Trust Radical Restoration to not only resolve the immediate concern but also safeguard your property against future occurrences.

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