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Sue Reynolds has been hosting and facilitating single day writing sanctuaries in her own home for several years. In the mornings, participants write from prompts Sue provides, and have the opportunity to read their freshly created poetry and prose in a supportive environment. After lunch, writers enjoy a few hours of silent writing time. Writers at all stages and levels are enriched and delighted by these day-long immersions and often are surprised to find they’ve surpassed their own expectations.


These three-day residential retreats came into being after it became clear that when the day with Sue was over, no one wanted to go home.

They take place on a quiet piece of land beside a slow-moving river, two hours north-east of Toronto. Guests have the choice of modest private or semi-private accommodations, and enjoy the culinary mastery of Loving Spirit Conscious Catering.

The retreat begins on Thursday evening for a light meal and introductory writing “heat”. After a full-fare breakfast, prompts are given to launch writers into their craft. Afternoons are spent in silence – writing, walking, swimming, canoeing, resting.

There is optional restorative yoga Friday and Saturday evenings.


August 7 to 10, 2014


890 Monck Road,

Sebright, ON

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We’re going back to Italy for 2015!

Our retreat in Valfabbricia, Italy was such a wild success we have already booked our time there for next year.
Radical Restoration will be returning to Le Torrace in Umbria April 11 to 21, 2015.
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Umbria, Amore mia


It’s not the rise

nor the fall of

slope, or the sweet

trill of new birds,

not the melt of

truffle on the tongue,

nor the kindness of

our host, his wife

or his helpers, but Continue reading

It’s all about the Food (and the setting and the people and…)


We rave every day about the tastes on our tongues. Giorgio, Leela and their helpers succeed in evoking moans of pleasure as table music at each breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the surprise of a crunchy cheese muffin-like thing at lunch, to a vellutata di Zucchine (soup) to a brioche with red cabbage, aubergine and cheese, roasted lamb with garden rosemary, Farro Perlato with porcini mushroom, to home-cured prosciutto and Caciotta cheese slices with truffles, all the way to Crema Catalana and Colomba Pasquale, every mouthful a surprise and a bit of a swoon. Our plates are always spanking clean after each meal.

The meals have served as inspiration for our writing as well as being the marker for the passage between activities. Many have remarked that although each repast is a veritable feast of taste and choice, none of the foods are too rich or too sweet, and we often leave almost directly from the groaning board of lunch for a long walk up and down or down and up these beautiful country roads, or book a taxi to take us to nearby Gubbio, Assisi or Perugia. Continue reading

Italian Excavation – a poem

Roman Amphitheatre 2
Italian Excavation

In Grade Nine she read I Claudius
In Grade Six, The Eagle of the Ninth,
But in Grade Three, she read about Pompeii
buried beneath molten lava and
volcanic ash

the book said archeologists
unearthed people
frozen in their daily lives
fossilized forever
by disasters sudden flow

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Under the Umbrian Sun

2014-04-19 13.53.19The early evening sun bathes the grounds in a golden green light. Birdsong layers the air with happy music. The soft chattering of participantswaiting for the dinner gong wafts up to my window. It’s day two of being here; day one of Radical Restoration at Le Torracce in Valfabbrica, Italy. Continue reading

About Writing with Sue


Although she is modest and shies away from taking credit for her students’ successes, the truth is that writing withSue Reynoldshas resulted in contest wins, publication, and a two-book deal with a major publishing house. I believe this is on account of a particular, (ironically) ineffable magic that happens when she launches a circle of writers down the writing road. Sue Reynolds leads the daily writing practice in Valfabbrica, Italy this April: http://radicalrestoration.ca/yoga_writing_retreat/italy/
Who knows, a piece begun in the ancient hills of Umbria could put you in the winners’ circle. In fact, if you come, that’s exactly where you’ll be.

Terry: Sues writing group took me to places I did not think I was capable of going. I was worried about being able to write anything at all and was pleased to discover I could. The whole format is very gentle and supportive I felt I could really expose my narrator and feel very safe. I used the writing to explore my creativity and to do a little therapy on myself, knowing all of this was okay.

Jude: The prompts offered by Sue engaged my imagination. The encouragement and support of the other writers led me to dig deeper, to share more. My writing is richer than when I came.

Theresa: My experience of the writing group? Pressed together, pressure of pen against that always blank page to create something worthy. Soft words lead, blank mind struggles to follow.

Nancy: The writing group was an awakening experience. I was able to put a few thoughts on paper and laugh about it. I found another new hobby!

Jon: Each day unfolding freer, fresher, deeper. A venturing into dark indigo corners, a bursting forth into rhythmic flow of unexpected images. Instructive too!

Sue: I was deeply grateful for the way the entire group showed up day after day and gave their entire hearts and minds to the practice, engaging with the material of their lives on the page (in memoir, fiction and poetry) with the same kind of focus and commitment they brought to any standing position or seated meditation.

Suzanne: Acceptance and understanding words flowing like a river raucous laughter and the acceptance and release of tears and fears and joy and sorrow. My only thought would be a couple of yawn and stretch moments to breathe.

Sharon: Hard, easy; silence helps to stimulate the brain cells. Learning to keep the pen to the paper and the butt in the chair! Listening to the readers, including self, with absolute confidence of acceptance, with no criticism; learning what works for me.

Esther: This group is like a warm hug of support. Their words music and waterfalls. Their voices laughter and sorrow. I feel altered, grown anew, and blessed by their hearts.

Esana: A quiet space of listening and hearing the heart song. That song that sometimes sputtered out of my own reluctant pen, that danced on the tongues of my beautiful fellow travellers. My ears delighted to take in the love.

Colleen: Energized me, inspired me and gave me the seeds of new skills. I felt myself unplug from mourning and pour forth unexpected things. I also got unblocked from where I am in my novel. Everything started to flow again.

April: Catapults all writers, new and seasoned, to look deep within themselves to find, either through story or experience, words that lift you off the page.

Deepam: Diving down into the ocean of words, images, sensation, memory surfacing like old friends from the depths. In the safety of the circle, we offer our ears, our hearts, our shoulders, each to another. The magic emerging from those who believed they could not.

Dawn: I really enjoyed the variety and depth of the writing prompts. I also enjoyed listening to everyone elses pieces and giving and receiving supportive feedback.

James: Nobody encourages deep writing and brilliant writing better than Sue Reynolds. I came back with five good poems and four short stories that have great potential. It doesnt get any better than this in terms of producing new work. The best aspect of the writing component is sitting with the group and sharing our stories and poems. I am always so impressed with how some of the writers go into painful places and produce gifted works of art. They set an example that encourages everyone else. And Sue creates the safety that makes it all work so well. New friendships abound.

It’s a Beautiful World – Welcome

Its a Beautiful World

Meditating on the beach

Move the body,

then move the pen

Radical Restoration Retreats are for those who want to write, who love to write, even for those who believe they cant write. These getaway retreats combine exotic and nurturing environments with skillfully facilitated yoga and writing practice.

Esana Lotfys deeply respectful Kripalu yoga begins each retreat day, followed by Sue Reynolds guided writing facilitation. Afternoons and evenings are open for exploration, creative endeavours or rest.

No previous experience required.


Costa Rica WriterHatillo, Costa Rica: February 20 to March 6, 2014 – one week or two

Valfabbricia, Italy: April 19 29, 2014

In 2009 the first Radical Restoration Retreat was held at the private estate ofAlberge de Hatillonear Dominical, Costa Rica, featuring jungle mornings of easy waking-up kind of yoga with Esana Lotfy. Each February since, we have returned to not only stretch into morning amid the quickening of bird song and the brilliance of green, but also to write with Sue Reynolds, an unparalleled writing teacher with the remarkable gift of being able to draw out the poem, the story, the image from even the most uncertain writer.

In February 2014 we will host our fifth Radical Restoration retreat in Costa Rica, and in April 2014, we will host our first retreat at the beautiful Le Torracce in Italy.