Esana Lotfy

Yoga, Nature & Art ~ an 8-Day Retreat in the Cloud Forests of Ecuador with Esana and Alison

Our lovely yoga instructor has teamed up with Alison Braun for a wondrous adventure in Ecuador.

26 Nov 2016 – 03 Dec 2016

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06 The practice begins

Terry: Esana’s yoga is sublime, relaxing, grounding;  prepared me well for writing.  Each time I went a little deeper and was able to stay more in the moment.  She is, by far, the best yoga instructor I have ever had.  I never feel like I have to push my body beyond what it is capable of—she is very gentle.

Jon: Esana’s yoga – like yogic ecstasy blanketed in the rising of the sun on banana leaves and pierced by bird song and the beat of butterfly wings.

Jude: Esana’s yoga classes:  I came to yoga class with a sore left knee and a tight hip restricting my movements.  As I listened to Esana’s soothing voice I allowed my body to slowly unwide, to move as best it could.  This was so much better and longer lasting than any medication a doctor could prescribe.

Theresa: My experience of Esana’s yoga class?  Stretching, bending, breaking, clearing out the sludge and slime til finally the centre that is enough was visible.  And seeing that maybe even I might one day believe that.

Nancy: Esana’s yoga classes were extremely relaxing—gentle stretching with lots of options and adjustment.  The deep touch of Esana’s hands—thank you Esana!

Sue: Sitting in a deep well of peace.  Esana’s yoga classes are like coming home to myself.  The most deeply self-compassionate yoga practice I have ever encountered (and I have encountered many wonderful yoga classes and many gifted teachers.  Esana is the best.  Ever.).  Sometimes I would find tears in my lashes as we practiced – tears of gratitude, tears of tenderness for myself and for the whole world.

Suzanne: Experience of yoga love, yoga caress – no stress. Esana’s complete understanding of everyone’s varied experiences and in the joy of inner healing and focus.  I guess you could say amazing – even if the roosters and dogs kept asking if they could join in!

Sharon: Thoughtful, invigorating, added to feeling of youth and well-being.  Just the right length – about 2 hours – first timers might think it would be too long, but it’s not.  It flies by.  The ringing of the bell, the poetry, the words, the touch of hands – gives a very lovely, spiritual feel as you sit in the jungle, leaving you peaceful and tranquil when it’s over.

Esther: Breathing in the jungle with Esana’s beautiful voice took me beyond myself and left me open to possibilities and poetry.

Esana: Every morning I awakened to an embracing space that held and cradled the body, the heart of all who dared to join with themselves, with each other, and with the generosity of the land, sky and air.

Colleen: A wonderful way to wake up; realize your special relationship with life and soul and the earth.  Pay homage to the body while stretching out the stiff places in preparation for the day – a pure gift.

April: My body yearned for the tug and pull of both body and spirit after the first day.  The jungle is the perfect setting to come together and be whole.  What added to the tranquillity was Esana’s soothing song at the close of the morning’s practice.

Deepam: Stretching inward, the poetry of motion and stillness, the dance of here now, wiping away sleep’s mist to see with fresh eyes, hear with new ears, find my feet, my sine, my fingers, remember my belly, my place, my beloved self.

Dawn: I thoroughly enjoyed Esana’s yoga classes.  Here gentle guidance allowed me to participate at a level that was comfortable for me.  Time seemed to stand still and the magic was over too soon.  Her chanting sings to my heart.

James: I had never been to a climate this hot before, nor had any experience with yoga. I arrived with perennial aches in my shoulders and left knee. They have always been there, it seems. As a man in a yoga/writing retreat filled with a small minority of males, I admit I felt intimidated. But I am thrilled to say that Esana, our yoga instructor, was amazing. By the end of the two weeks all of my aches and pains were gone and my body and mind felt joined in a warm harmony. There is a sweetness to waking up and spending the first 90 minutes of the day in a state of community with nature, each other and one’s own self. I learned a way to love myself despite my failings. Every man my age should experience this unique method of pursuing fitness and health.

Esana with clientEvelyn (Esana) Lotfy has practised and taught yoga since 1992. She attended the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lennox, Mass. for training and the practice of karma yoga (selfless service). She has been part of the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training Team, and holds both the Basic Kripalu Teacher Training Certificate (200 hours) and the Professional Level Certfication (500+ hours).

Esana is committed to the ongoing process of deepening her own practice, continued training, and sharing her experience with others.

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Esana’s History:

In 1987, I (Esana) experienced my first taste of yoga at a small brick house near downtown Orillia with Yogi Krishan Sidhu of Universal Ashram. In those days we were blessed to have a teacher direct from India, even though he sat and led the class wearing a business suit! My gratitude to Yogi Krishan continues to this day; he is the root and source of the so many teachers and practitioners who fill Orillia’s studios and homes today.

From that time yoga became an integral part of my life, in and out of the class settings. There is nothing else but yoga, but UNION. My intention is to provide space and guidance for practitioners to feel safe enough to experience themselves directly. In my classes, I offer supportive invitations so that each individual can foster a radical and deeply personal sense of self-responsibility through gentle movement, breath and attentiveness to sensation. We then become, in essence, our own guide in the practice. We rediscover our bodies, hearts and souls each time we come to practice – until the idea of practice merges with everyday life. This approach inspires and evokes waves of gentleness, patience, compassion, and self-acceptance. As we meander through the obstacles, delights, questions, mysteries and generosity of life, this can help us to not take ourselves too seriously. It is the essence of yoga that interests me – moderating the form to help that “remembering” of what is true. When we blend breath, movement and meditation, we are carried to deep and intimate places with ourselves.

My affiliation and love of Kripalu Yoga began during my first visit to Kripalu Centre of Yoga and Health in July 1992 and it has been an unfailing love affair since. The teachings of Amrit Desi and his teacher Swami Kripalu felt right to me – I was home in the blink of an eye. These teachings and this approach were in harmony with my essential nature, and so I answered the call into this great journey of discovery, relating to myself, the practice, and invariably all of creation. It is not a practice of following or leading, but one of being truly one’s unique and original self.

Yoga for me is the definitive guide on how to be in the unfolding journey of life. The practice is invaluable to me in every way. All is yoga, nothing is separate from it. Yoga is freedom and ongoing awakening, deepening of consciousness readily available in the mundane. It is a beautiful exploration of what is right now, no matter what the right now presents. Then, every day I feel less and less separate from the whole. Yoga is about not being separate from the whole of existence.

My role as a guide is to offer suggestions, possibilities, invitations and inspiration. This way the practice itself is the teacher; the breath is the teacher, the movement and sensations are the teacher, the heart and the deep, quiet listening are the teachers. For so long I kept the thinking the teacher is “out there”, but one can simply see the teacher is everything, everywhere – always present and in infinite disguises and forms.

Just as I have been invited to explore myself and life through the path of Yoga, so too are you.