Costa Rica

It’s a Beautiful World

Meditating on the beach

Move the body,

then move the pen

Radical Restoration Retreats are for those who want to write, who love to write, even for those who believe they ‘can’t’ write. These getaway retreats combine exotic and nurturing environments with skillfully facilitated yoga and writing practice.

Esana Lotfy’s deeply respectful Kripalu yoga begins each retreat day, followed by Sue Reynolds’ guided writing facilitation. Afternoons and evenings are open for exploration, creative endeavours or rest.

No previous experience required.


Costa Rica WriterHatillo, Costa Rica: February 20 to March 6, 2014 – one week or two

Valfabbricia, Italy: April 19 – 29, 2014

In 2009 the first Radical Restoration Retreat was held at the private estate of Alberge de Hatillonear Dominical, Costa Rica, featuring jungle mornings of easy waking-up kind of yoga with Esana Lotfy. Each February since, we have returned to not only stretch into morning amid the quickening of bird song and the brilliance of green, but also to write with Sue Reynolds, an unparalleled writing teacher with the remarkable gift of being able to draw out the poem, the story, the image from even the most uncertain writer.

In February 2014 we will host our fifth Radical Restoration retreat in Costa Rica, and in April 2014, we will host our first retreat at the beautiful Le Torracce in Italy.