James in Mallorca 3

From Poet Kate Marshall Flaherty: James Dewar is an innovative, creative, and affirming workshop guide and host of literary events. It was his inspiration to exclaim “give me a line!” for audiences to give positive feedback to poets after readings. It was he who imagined taking writers to the museum to write about the artifacts and historic sites.

It has been my great pleasure to work with him as a host at his HotSauced Words series, the most popular literary event series in all of Toronto! It has been a joy to be at his workshops, where he gives creative prompts for writing, insightful comments on editing, and truly exceptional guidance into the craft of poetry.

It is my pleasure to recommend James Dewar as the one of the most motivational workshop guides I have ever worked with.


From Poet Ron Potter: I trust James. With his guidance and critique of my writing I always find myself in a new place with many “ah ha” moments. He engages with my writing at a level that fascinates me.


From Poet Annabelle Murray: James Dewar was my editor and publisher for my two chapbooks of poetry. Before he even reviewed the poetry, he spent time getting to know me and my vision for my book. He handled my poetry in a considerate yet clear-eyed manner. He evaluated each poem within the context of the whole work, lending an objective eye, yet also respectful of my artistry as a writer. By the time we got to my second book, we had developed an easy poet/editor relationship and the whole thing was a piece of cake. James has an easy manner, a great sense of humour, and really understands how to help a writer let their own voice shine through the writing.


From Editor and Poet Susie Berg: As a professional editor, I was very curious to experience the editorial process from the other side, and James did not disappoint. His editorial work on my first full-length collection demonstrated to me how each person has a role in the creative process, and proved that a good editor sits with the work a while before encouraging it in the best direction it can go. James was a joy to work with. We talked through the poems and identified the spots that needed pressure; James then offered the tools that allowed me to step back and break through to make each poem better. Those tools have now become part of my regular toolbox; I think of his suggestions each time I work on a new poem.